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Homework 7

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Online Gambling Companies


1. Rushmore Casino - Joann

2. Golden Casino 

3. Rome Casino

4. Cherry Red

5. VIP Slots - Catie Voglio

6. Online Vegas

7. Millionaire Online Casino

8. Super Slots

9. Slots Oasis

10. Bodog - Charles Britz

11. Boss Media - Justin Mevorah

12. Golden Palace - Daniel DelliCarpini


  • American Gaming Association Industry Issues -Background of the industry, Internet gambling legislation, legal status, federal legislation, state legislation.
  • CCA's Global Internet Gambling Revenue Estimates and Projections (2001-2010, $M, US)- detailed set of revenue estimates and projections by game, geographic region, and year (2001 to 2010).  Formerly included as a part of the "Wagering on the Internet" report, this data only report provides a level of detail and an independent perspective that can not be found from any other industry source.
  • Gambling and the law. Tons of links to financial and law information.


Joann Koziol

4.1 Rushmore Casino does not release their financials to the public, because they are not operated within the US and the countries which they are based in, do not require them to release financial reports.  Christiansen Capital Advisors, LLC estimated that the industry made $5.7 billion in revenue for 2003 and predicted that the industry would continue to grow and excel despite the US Regulations.  More recent research was made by analyst, Marco Felice Baranzelli also predicts more growth within the industy between 2008 and 2012.


Justin Mevorah

The sales amounted to 320.1 million US dollars for the full year of 2007.  The estimated growth in the internet gaming market will amount to 15-20 percent in 2008.    

In 1997 first casino developed and called the Gold club Casino.  2002 they became a member of world lottery association and poker and lottery games were launched online.  2005 Bossmedia started their own poker network called (IPN) international poker network is well established.  In 2008 they launched bingo.


  • GPWA Provides affiliate members with the means to collaborate with other online gaming affiliates around the world and to strengthen relationships with affiliate programs.  Live discussion forums, GPWA Times Weekly newsletter covering industry news.
  • Casino Gambling Web Utilizes expert gambling and and news editors to create a giant web of up to date gambling information
  • OG Paper Daily news publisher covering the latest from gambling, betting and casino industries from all over the world


Daniel DelliCarpini

4.1 - Golden Palace Group does not release financial information to the public as it is an off-shore casino legally licensed by the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (link to Golden Palace "About Us"). However, Playtech Limited (which is the software company that runs all of Golden Palace's sites) has had revenues in excess of $81M.  



- US Players Hurt by Online Casino Laws - A summary of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforecement Act

- Online Gambling Threatened in Ireland - The PM of Sport in Ireland is threatening to ban internet gambling in Ireland if more money is not given to the Greyhound Racing Fund. This is interesting because as internet gambling becomes more and more restricted around the world, the Jackpots that the online casinos offer become smaller, and less are available to win by gamblers in locations where the online gaming is unrestricted.

- Washington State causes some confusion with regard to online gambling - Washington state can arrest someone for gambling online, yet permits it on gaming "reservations".



Charles Britz

According to Forbes.com, in 2005 Bodog's revenue was $7.3 billion and just over $4.8 billion in the United States with revenue growing 300 percent per year since 2004. Also Bodog has pulled in $210 million in sales in 2005.

          Amerincan Gaming Association  - Details Government Acts on Internet Gambling

          Gambling Planet - Timeline of Internet Gambling

          Casino Gambling Web - Projected Future of Internet Gambling

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