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Marketing Strategies

Page history last edited by Adam Steinberg 10 years, 11 months ago


          How does an online casino advertise?


  • Most of the marketing is done on the internet through:
    • Pay per click ads
    • E-mail
    • Sign up bonuses
    • Banner ads
    • Television
    •  Magazine
    • Word of mouth is another form of effective advertising. For example someone who is looking for a good site to use may decide to pick a site that a friend uses.
  • Four P's    
    • Price - Sites offer differnet prices for signing. 
    • Product - Sites offer many different games. Casino games such as poker, black jack, craps and slots. Sports betting is also common. Many sites now offer both casino and sports betting together.
    • Place - Online gambling is distributed on the internet and you can access that anywhere you have an internet connection.
    • Promotion - Sites off sign up bonuses. For example sites many give $100 free toward gaming with sign up.

          Who's buying? 


  • Casinos have always been in high demand.  The difference between online casinos and live casinos lies in their availablity.  What was once reserved for special occasions is now available almost instantly.  Previously, many people who may have been inclined to gamble did not have such easy access to an outlet.  Now, the accessability and convenience of the online casino makes more people into gamblers than ever before.
  • Some people go to casinos to enjoy the atmosphere, to savor the experience.  Others go strictly for the money game.  For the latter, it seems only logical that online gaming would be the popular choice.  Online poker, for instance, differs from its live counterpart in that, online, you can play more than one game simultaneously.  For the individual seeking to make money through gambling, this significantly increases potential profitability.
  • Online gambling also offers a greater diversity in bet levels.  A novice player can buy into $2 games when he gambles online. 


          How does the company promote itself? 


  • In recent years Poker has become extremely popular. Professional poker tournaments are aired on television, this has led to an increase in popularity among internet gambling sites in particular poker sites.
  • Websites endorse professional poker players. People see these players on television and see what site they endorse. For example Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 world series of poker, which is televised on ESPN. He is endorsed by pokerstars.net. Having a big time professional endorse your website will bring so many people to your site. It is no different than Nike with Lebron James. 
  • Chris Moneymaker's website
  • Though it is more common in Europe online gaming sites do advertise through professional sports. Italian soccer team, AC Milan and Spanish soccer team, Real Madrid have bwin on the front of their jerseys. Bwin.com is an online gaming site. Also Spanish soccer team Sevilla FC has 888.com on the front of their jerseys, 888.com is another gaming site.
  • Online casinos also advertise in traditional internet form.  Banners for online poker sites are common fare all over the internet


          Why should I use this particular online casino?


  • Each gambling site offers a unique set of bonuses.  In a real casino you will not recieve free money for bringing a friend.  You also don't get a bonus for walking in the door, yet online sites give cash gifts upon signup.
  • An online gambling page can stand out through its features.  These include:
    • Ease of use
    • Diversity of games
    • Customer support
    • Broad coverage of sports
    • Rich content



          Product Distribution 


  • The beauty of the internet is that it can transfer information anywhere in the world almost instantaneously.  Because online gambling is a service, distribution costs are low.  With the added benefit of the internet, online gambling is a product available to almost anyone everywhere. 
  • Shipping costs may be low, but server costs will be high.  Gambling sites generate tremendous ammounts of traffic, and it is costly to facilitate. 
  • Anyone with broadband, above a certain age, can gamble online, and it takes almost no time to distribute the product.  Generally, the online wait is the time it takes to download the application.

Comments (3)

Adam Steinberg said

at 3:21 am on May 4, 2009

http://www.chrismoneymaker.com/ - chris moneymaker's website.

Adam Steinberg said

at 3:22 am on May 4, 2009

chris moneymaker represents pokerstars. how has his affilliation affected their brand recognition? Are there other examples?

Adam Steinberg said

at 3:23 am on May 4, 2009

Many online poker houses sponsor professional poker players in order to attach a well known name to their brand. this has become possible through the advent of televised poker - world series of poker.

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